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In France, the local baker is a pivotal part of their community.  They craft freshly baked pastries and loaves of bread from scratch, with love and care for all who walk through their doors. They know their customers by name, and always greet them with a smile.

Inspired by the elegance and deliciousness of French baking, we are a married couple from the U.S. and France that has brought that vision of French baking to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At Saint Amon Baking Co, we use fresh Oklahoma produce, fair trade chocolate, and absolutely no preservatives or chemicals designed to enhance flavor. That's because we only believe in excellent baked goods for our excellent customers. 

Our passion means a lot to us, and we know it will mean a lot to you!


à bientôt,


Pastry Chefs Sarah & Jean-Baptiste (JB) Saint Amon

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